Edin University will begin seeking instructors in 2015 to teach online in various fields. We will be looking for indivduals with a master's or doctorate degrees in the following fields:

  • Ecology or Environmental Fields
  • Leadership
  • Technology
  • Nutrition/Naturopathy/Herbal Studies
  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Animal Advocacy
  • Activism
  • Science and Microbiology
  • Physics and Mathematics


Edin will begin the search process for instructors with submissions of resumes and cirriculum vitae. We will conduct a phone interview and may even conduct in person interviews before choosing independent instrutors for our classes. We are looking for true leadership qualities of integrity and altruism in our instructors. It is important for us to find instructors who really want to make a difference in humanity and see each generation progress further in maturity, properity, cooperation, and peace than the generation before. In honor of our students, we will require a minimum of a master's degree for each teaching position unless otherwise stated.

Edin Philosophy on Education Fianances

Edin University aims to change the way you earn your education. While, we hold to the highest standard of academics, we also believe that an education should not take a lifetime to repay. We are committed to making education affordable for everyone. We have created education that is based on true innovations of honestly, integrity, and practical application. The human element is essential to humanities success and that can only come from an education that is unregulated and uncontrained by political influences. This also helps us make our education affordable and allows us to think "outside the box". This is why Edin is dedicated to its independence from regulatory bodies. Our schools of study are focused on creating a new kind of leadership where humanity can see empowerment realized.


Our goal is to open our online doors in 2016. In the meantime, we will be working hard behind the scenes to build a cirriculum that we can all be proud of and participate in. Please check back soon.


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