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Edin University aspires to mentor humanity to the highest state of empowerment and balance in life between human development, technological advancement, and planetary responsibility. Each component of the physical world is part of a network of systems. Each system can be fully realized without causing harm to each other or our world. Innovation should be transparent and kept in the solidarity of altruism. Humanities greatest potential can be realized through open, honest, real exploration of thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Edin acts as a catalyst to evolve education to a level of empowerment where students become master’s of their study. Each source of education adheres to the philosophy of progressing mankind in a positive and loving direction. Greed and power are discouraged and empowerment and cooperation are encouraged in every aspect of leadership development. Edin University recognizes the growing need for human spiritual evolution. Humanity can create a better world based on peace and prosperity.

Edin Philosophy on Education Finances
Edin University aims to change the way you earn your education. While, we hold to the highest standard of academics, we also believe that an education should not take a lifetime to repay. We are committed to making education affordable for everyone. We have created education that is based on true innovations of honestly, integrity, and practical application. The human element is essential to humanities success and that can only come from an education that is unregulated and unconstrained by political influences. This also helps us make our education affordable and allows us to think "outside the box". This is why Edin is dedicated to its independence from regulatory bodies. Our schools of study are focused on creating a new kind of leadership where humanity can see empowerment realized.


Our goal is to open our online doors in 2016. In the meantime, we will be working hard behind the scenes to build a cirriculum that we can all be proud of and participate in. Please check back soon.


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